Gentoo Battery Sprayer – GEN2.0



Need a lightweight, portable sprayer for disinfectants, pre-sprays, deodorants, and more? StainOut Systems’ Gentoo 2.5 Gallon Cordless Sprayer has you covered

Look at these other benefits:

  • Charges up to 4x faster
  • Holds charge longer
  • Constant Power
  • Lighter Weight
  • Longer Life Cycle



Gentoo Battery Sprayer

The Gentoo Battery Sprayer or as we have affectionally started to call it, the GEN2.0. is all new.  It has a more powerful 90 psi pump with chemical resistant viton seals and pressure switch included. The Lithium Ion battery charges fast and stays charged for hours. UH OH!!! Need to charge on the road?  No problem, this sprayer comes standard with a car charger. Change chemicals quick –  the GEN2.0 has quick connects built in that allow for bottle swapping in just seconds. 2.5 Gallon Cordless Sprayer is light weight and portable. Only 8 lbs! It’s perfect for a wide range of uses.

Pre Spray carpets



Plant food


Portable. Perfect for commercial and home use. Great for gardens and around the house.

Want to use more then 1 chemical?  The tank easily lifts off of unit for quick bottle change.

Can also be charged on the road.  Ready to go, when you are.  See for yourself why this is the best valued sprayer on the market!

PART# 71-202

Look at these other benefits:

  • Charges up to 4x faster
  • Holds charge longer
  • Constant Power
  • Lighter Weight
  • Longer Life Cycle


What is the pump seal made out of?
The material is Viton, which is very chemical resistant.  To ensure the pump last as long as possible, always rinse after using a low or high PH product.

How often should I charge?
Charge the Gentoo nightly or as needed.

How do I know if it’s charging?
The indicator light will turn red while charging. Once charged it will turn green.

Can I charge this outside of the US?
Yes, we use a universal charger. Use your own plug to attach to any outlet. 100 volt – 240 volt       



Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 29 in

90 PSI


2.5 gallons

Battery Lithium Ion

5200 M.A.H. 11.6 volt

Battery Life

All day battery life

Operating Current

2.1 amps


• 18" lance
• 48" hose

Product Weight

8.3 Lbs.


User Manual

Changing power switch on Gentoo Sprayer

3 reviews for Gentoo Battery Sprayer – GEN2.0

  1. Ludu C Monster Chem

    Sprayers worked amazing at Legoland! We did 250 rooms, lobby, and hallways. Used them today on a full charge and never needed to charge it! I think 3-4 hours straight and still going. Love the battery on this thing! -Ludo C Monster chem

  2. Dwight S Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning

    Best cordless sprayer I’ve ever had. I use it 5 days a week, and I mean a lot! The battery holds a long charge. I recharge it about every 3 days of heavy use. Ive had it for around 10 months using it daily and never had it break down. It is truly a great sprayer hands-down, in the real world

  3. Rodney R Tuff carpet cleaning

    Its the best sprayer for spotting urine, or pre spraying furniture upholstery, tile and grout. I love it and use it on every job. Yours is the best for pretreating. Five starts. Being able to charge it in the van between jobs is a definite plus. Its super lightweight. We love it. its the best on the market.

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